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About Us

Our Philosophy:


Children thrive in an environment that is stimulating and supportive, and where the individuality of each child is recognized and valued. By encouraging independence, self expression and exploration, and by providing children with successful experiences, we believe that children develop a positive sense of self. Each child is unique and has the right to develop at his or her own rate. Our program focuses on individual needs, learning styles and interests.

Program Objectives:


New Academy Preschool offers a program that is developmentally appropriate for children ages 2-5. Children learn through play and develop confidence and a lifelong love of learning when their environment promotes a positive, nonjudgmental atmosphere for them to learn. Activities are designed to encourage growth in areas such as fine and gross motor skills, language, and social and emotional development. The curriculum includes life skills such as manners, friendship, kindness, empathy and respect. Opportunities for conversation, exposure to literature and print will be emphasized. The children will have involvement with the wider community through field trips. Music, creative movement, science and a foreign language are all included in the curriculum.

Upcoming Events:

Please contact our director, Lori Ann Lesko at 203-261-6700 to set up a tour!

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